Offensive Security Certified Expert - Lets go!

Great thing about working in Cyber Security is that employers fund certifications for their employees to better themselves and to gain knowledge; hopefully in turn, the employee will return the knowledge and invest back into the company by showcasing the knowledge that has been acquired during the course. I feel... [Read More]

Data Exfiltration - DNS method

wheres your data??

This has been a thought of mine recently. Sitting on any network, if its a work network or on your home network - I often think about how to exfiltrate data without getting flagged by any security tools. Obviously I don't action these, but I think its good to have... [Read More]

Bug Bounty Setup

So I’m learning a lot in regards to this new found interest! Firstly, I’ve been watching a lot of youtube tutorials on how to get started. Mainly on other Bug Bounty Hunters setup. There are a couple of options and avenues one could take in regards to setup. [Read More]

Bugcrowd - The road to bug bounties!

This is going to be interesting! I’ve just created an account for Bugcrowd and PentesterLabs. I’ve been thinking a lot about this and thought why not just jump into it and try it out. I was talking to a friend about different types of Penetration Testers. One that goes to... [Read More]