End of Year Update 2019

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Hello All,

Reading back on my end of year update for 2018, I can’t help to notice that I steered away from my goals. Although these were not hardcoded, I was supposed to complete my OSCE, however I opted for my Certified Red Teaming professional course; which has helped me a lot in getting to the position I am now. I also said that I will blog more, however I haven’t really had the time as there were so many things happening in left generally. Excuses, but this area is something I will improve on. I believe my blog has been extremely pivotal for my career.

Something new in my life is that I have moved into a different team at my current work place, hoping to utilize my skills as an offensive security professional. I’ve been really excited and stressed about this, but I know my skills are worth it and really grateful for those who fought for me. On another note; I usually write down things that I am grateful for towards the end of the year and start to write down my goals for 2020. Man, What a ride it has been.. I won’t write down any personal goals here, but from an Educational/Professional goals – I would like to complete:

My thinking is a major certificate every year. I see a lot of people securing their OSCP and then start to fall off the cliff in terms of skills and knowledge; they don’t practice.  I would encourage those to find the strength to focus and always keep learning (It should be fun, for me at least it is). With that, I wish everyone reading this a safe and happy new year!