Hello All,

First blog post of the year and its March!! What a rollarcoaster so far. From the Australian Bush fires, to the outbreak of the Cronona Virus, everyone is in lock down mode! Reading back on some of my posts I've promised a lot of things throughout this year. A lot of things has happend in life, so I'm just going through the motions slowly and getting myself back on track.

I've decided to do the Offensive Securtiy Wireless Professional course. I thought it would be nice and short and get me back into the groove of things. I figured it would be great for me since I am doing Red Teaming now for my job at work, why not? In this section, I will be adding my course review and the ups and downs I go through while trying to complete the course. For now, I have purchased the Alfa AWUS036NHA as a recommend wireless adapter for the course.Tested this already and working really well with my host operating system (Ubuntu), I will need to test this on Kali + Virtual Box.

After purchasing the course, I have received an email from them stating that Offensive Security will be sending me the course material in the next 5 days. For now, I am present and all about learning. I wont be gunning for courses and certificates like some others that I know. In some cases, it feels like there are people within the industry are just comparing how big their certificate lists are. For me, this is about learning and enjoying the process.

I'm excited to see what I will learn from this course, so buckle up - I will smoke through this in a month! Vamos Cuong!!