Hi all!

Been preparing to the best of my ability.. With all the things that are happening recently, I'm getting there.. I'm putting in a lot of hours as I don't have anything else to do at the moment. I think a solid 8 hours a day for the past couple of days. Hard works, works - right? Repping these commands, understanding what they do.. There are so many; I just hope I dont imput the wrong ones, so that it forces me to start my attack sequence again. So I thought I would write down my strategy coming into the 4 hour exam.

These things are just flowing through my head:

  • Recon of the network; Sniff the network on the wire with airodump-ng to observe what ESSID's are broadcasting and channel they are on.
  • Set up my wireless card so it is on monitor mode and able to inject packets with -9 <interface>
  • Start with the first wireless network.
  • Make sure you do it slowly and get all screenshots, otherwise you will FAIL!!
  • Once hacked, all the commands are copied with the screenshots for report writing
  • Repeat until successfully infiltrated all networks.

Take your time Cuong, only a couple of days left.