Hey All!

Thought I would write down what happened during exam day for those reading and curious. My exam started at 11:00am and woke up quiet early to to review some notes on the different attacks I was going to perform.

8:00am: I started off my morning by making breakfast and had a couple of cups of coffee. This was an really bad idea as throughout the exam, I was super anxious and wired that I missed a lot of the screenshots. Leading up to exam time, I was nervious and jittery. So I put some lo-fi hip hop and closed my eyes and just tried to relax myself as I was just working myself up for no reason. I think because I haven’t done one of these exams in a while, hence the nervousness.

11:00am: Exam time started, Offsec sent me the details of the exam on the dot. Provided me with an ssh username and password + IP address and port to ssh into. Objective was to infiltrate 3 networks with different configurations in 3 Hours and 45 minutes. I wont go too much detail of what the exam consists of as it is against the rules. However the first Network was very confusing for me. I blamed the fact that i was extremely wired on coffee and didn’t really get down to the basic principles of wireless hacking that it just overwhelmed me. I couldn’t get the first network, so I jumped onto the 2nd.

Managed to crack 2nd network in the next 45 minutes minutes, onto the 3rd. The 3rd configuration was pretty easy, successfully hacked it and accidently deleted “rm *” the dictionary file lol… Fortunately I had all the screenshots stored for my report for this network! After this, I took a break and went back to the first network and successfully hacked it as well. A break really does wonders to the brain!

After completing the exam, I still had some time left - So I managed to hack all 3 networks again the 2nd time, made sure I had all the screenshots available on my machine for report writing. Completed my report and submitted it all before 3:00pm

Conclusion: I think this course is really good to get started in Wireless Penetration Testing. It teaches the ins and outs in regards Wireless Security. I definitely did learn a lot during this course and will be using these skills professionally and recreationally :) Until then, Happy to say that I’m a Certified Offensive Security Wireless Professional. BOOYAAAAAAA