Hi All

During the CoronaVirus - I found myself laying around and not doing much after my passing my OSWP. I’m a person that requires things to do or else my mind will just wander into different things which may end up bad for me. Who knows when we will be back to the norm, and in saying this - What is the norm? How will they slowly uplift the restrictions? I’ve decided to create a little time table for myself so I can start learning in a more scheduled way, otherwise I feel like I am wasting my time.

For now, I’m doing a deep dive in Bash. After a couple of weeks, I may learn python. Although to be honest - It’s daunting. I know I need to get good at it so It will be something I need to invest my time in. Firstly, good ol Bash! I know the basic fundamentals in regards to this due to completing the OSCP. However, I think I could get stronger with it. I’m going to give it a shot and dedicate at least 2 hours a night learning.

Currently, I am on chapter 9 of The Linux Command Line by William Shoutts. I’m just going through this book front to back. I think its crucial for any Cyber Security Professional to know Linux and to be honest half of the people I know do not know this technology; even though certifications are accquired. Why be certified in something, when you don’t practice it at all afterwards? I love linux, my host operating system has been Linux for 5+ years - so this will be really fun for me.