This is going to be interesting! I’ve just created an account for Bugcrowd and PentesterLabs. I’ve been thinking a lot about this and thought why not just jump into it and try it out. I was talking to a friend about different types of Penetration Testers. One that goes to the route of Red Teaming professionaly, while learning HacktheBox labs etc.. And the others that are working as Security Consultants in a firm doing Penetration testing, who just do Bug bounties in their free time.

Why not learn a new skill and try get some cash on the side? This could be my side hustle as well as protecting companies from hackers! I think I could definitely learn a lot in Web Application Security as I believe I’m pretty weak in it. Best way to know is to jump straight in! Lets goo yoo. I’ve got nothing to lose and all to gain.