Great thing about working in Cyber Security is that employers fund certifications for their employees to better themselves and to gain knowledge; hopefully in turn, the employee will return the knowledge and invest back into the company by showcasing the knowledge that has been acquired during the course. I feel absolutely luckly to be in the position I am in today as my cerficiations that I have been taking has not costed me anything out of my pocket.

I’ve been thinking about this hard and I know in previous posts, I tend to go off on a tagent on what types of certifications I want to obtain and the things I want to tick off my list, like bug bounties. But to be fair, there are so many things in the Cyber Security world that I want to do, its almost endless! People that are bored in Cyber Security obviously has not looked hard enough!

I was talking to a friend, and we were discussing some of the things that are interesting in the this field, and to be honest. It was a massive list, one could definitely get lost! So lets focus on one at a time. During this quarantine time, I feel like I have lost my direction in life; however I believe everyone is going through this as well, and not just me. After hearing the news that my course has been approved - I feel like there is now a goal that I can work towards. A purpose. I’m giving myself a goal that I will pass it by the end of this year. I give myself 6 months. I’ll buy the labs for 2 months work my way through them slowly, then there a couple of programs that I can download and keep working through the course material like vulnserver after the labs have been completed. This is my plan. I am up for the challenge, I feel like its a different beast. I want to be able to say that I am OSCE. I want to earn this.. Actually, I will earn this and I will pass.. Lets go, Cuong! FOCUS.