bossplayers CTF (I created my own - YAY!)

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Hey all,

Haven't updated this in awhile as I have a couple of things going on personally. Something that I am proud of and perhaps will be hosted on vulnhub soon is a CTF that I created aimed for Beginners. Its rated Easy and something I was working on one weekend and decided to submit it to Vulnhub. Nothing too crazy, should be able to root it in 20-30 minutes.  The link is below to my shared google drive. Once it is available on Vulnhub, I'll update the link accordingly.

In other news, I think its always good to keep our tools sharp as Security is in high demand. If we are not studying or doing something in regards to Security, we will be left behind. I love the constant chase to always better myself hence creating this CTF. I think it requires a different skill set. Instead of attacking, I'm finding ways to harden Linux and creating a story in terms of the initial foothold, setting rabit holes and which privilege escalation vulnerability I want to add. The only way I get good at security is to add more hours under my belt. Back on the topic of hours spent on a discipline. How many hours have you invested in security this weekend?

Until next time - Hope you enjoy the CTF - keep focus and stay sharp!

Note: My CTF has been finally been hosted on Vulnhub!! YAY!!! I cant believe it. I have been getting emails in regards to assistance with the box, so If you're readying this and waiting on an email, I'll reply straight away!  Thanks for the support!!

Link to bossplayers CTF - Vulnhub - 665MB