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Hello all,

On the way back back from Bsides Canberra 2019 was an extremely motivating experience for me. I was surrounded with like minded people who just love everything Security. In a way, I felt like everyone was so smart. I'm talking kids that probably have been doing this since they were wearing nappies. I feel like these people were on a different level. The talks in the conference were nothing short of amazing. I really love how they just live Security. In their spare time, they do research on different topics that interests them such as IoT, hardware hacking, binary exploitation. Its so inspiring.  I spoke with many pen testers / forensics and even hiring managers on their expertise and more so, which certification to pursue next.

I'm so indecisive with these sorts of things. I tend to research every bit of certification and sit on it for a long time. Then something else comes up and I want to do soemthing else. Certifications suchs as OSCE, AWAE, ECPTX are some that I have been eyeing off for a while, for good reasons too. However, the same questions my friends and espeically the people whom I've spoken to ask again and again. What do I want to do in Security?

Red teaming was my answer. Although these other flashy certifications can really help my in my career, they dont really cater towards Red Teaming, well ECPTX does but I haven't heard much reviews from it.. I'm going to bite the bullet and apply for Pentesting Academy Certified Red Team Professional this weekend.

I chose this for many reasons:

I'm really excited to get started in learning again, and I'm motivated as ever!! Lets kill it!  The next 3 months, I'm focused!!