Red Team Professional - PASSED!

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Happy to say that I passed my Exam! What a roller-coaster. From my first failure, I learned that I do not want to ever feel like that ever again.  I was not prepared and to be honest, I felt like I was getting ahead of myself. It taught me a huge lesson, something that I will never forget. The exam itself started at 8:30am and by 1pm, I managed to pop all 5 machines and complete the report.

The exam itself was easier this time. The reason why is because I spent a long time enumerating very, very slowly. Enumerating EVERYTHING. The first time, I wrote a Powershell script to spit out standard outputs, however I believe I was missing a lot of critical information because of this method. This time, my enumeration was all manual. I knew this was the key to failing the first time, so I practiced all my enumerating techniques every day after work and countless of hours over the weekend. I recall listening to Jocko Willink every day just to build and maintain laser focus on my goal and exam ahead.

Below are the skills acquired when passing this exam:


I would definitely recommend this course for anyone wanting to get into Red Teaming and to learn about attacking Active Directory / Windows Servers. Again, I’m extremely proud of myself of how far I've come. I'm proud to call myself a Certified Red Team Professional. Booya!