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Hey all,

Earlier this year, I had made it my goal to give back to the IT/Security community; and what better way to do it was to sign up to be a Mentor. I thought to myself it would be really good to pair up with someone that had the same passion as me in regards to Offensive Security. This was not the case, and I paired up another extremely nice lady, who was in the Project Management space at one of the big four Consultancy companies.

I decided to choose VIC ICT for Women as a platform which empowers women to have a go, and break into the IT Space where it’s mainly dominated by Men. I’ve never done any mentoring before and didn’t know what to expect. Fast forward 1 year later, my mentee has ticked off all her short term goals and long term goals!! She obtained a new role that she carved out and created, she’s much more confident in asking (It doesn’t hurt to ask), completed some courses and she’s on her way to a better and brighter future within her company.

Our last session was last week, and I couldn’t be more proud of what she has achieved this year. In the process, I have learned so much about myself and the whole idea of giving my time back to others who really want it, really makes me happy. Something that our current CISO said to me during our chats was that the next step in exceeding greatness, is to give back to others.

This is something I proudly completed in 2019.