OSCP - Week 1.1

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I started Sunday and now its Wednesday morning. I managed to root 3 boxes so far in which I’m really proud of. The first day, I did about 12 hours trying to figure everything out. I think I was also overwhelmed with the work load and stressed that I wont have enough time to finish the content. I have to do the PDF and watch the Videos as well. There is just so much to do!

The Terminal Service is still pending as I need to get back to that box. It only has RDP ports running and doesn’t reply back to any of my ICMP requests. My methodology is working pretty well. I updated a couple of nmap vuln scripts in which can be found below:

Other than that, I feel like I’m going at a good pace and putting in the work required. I know that there will be harder topics later on in the course like Buffer Overflows which will be a nightmare!

On to the next box!