OSCP - Week 2

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Time for another update. I tried to keep up the the high pace as much as possible all the while being laser focused. I did feel like I was burning out a couple of times this week but I kept on pushing through. I think part of this course is building mental fortitude.. Maybe that’s in my head? This week I did around 45 hours of pure lab work.

Today alone, I clocked 14 hours! I did manage to reach my weekly goal of hacking 6 boxes this week. I’m stoked about this. In my opinion with these boxes, treat them as puzzles. The more you do, the better you are at it. I also think of this as pattern recognition more than anything. The more boxes you hack, the more experience you get and the more tricks you’re familiar with. So the next time you come across something similar, hopefully you will remember the concepts behind it.

Adding to this, Not sure if the people that read this play games (I used to)— But I’m always thinking of this like a game called Skyrim. My life is an Orc or whatever race I choose (Human, Dark Elf etc). I go around the world completing quests, and level up my skills. Do I want to get better an a One-Handed Axe? Keep on using it and put my experience points in this skill set. Same with this. Do I want to get better at Penetration testing? Put in the hours!

I’m staying pretty organized keeping my summaries to dot points only and saving all my screenshots in different folders on my laptop. At the end of the session, I upload it to my google drive and I also save it on an external HDD as well for back up.

There is just so much to learn because this field is so massive! All I know is that by the end of November, I’m going to have 300+ hours of Penetration Testing Experience Across multiple platforms. My hard work will pay off.