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Thought I would write a little short summary of my journey. I still cant believe I passed this exam!!


I finished all the lab machines and had a couple of weeks to go over some material. During these two weeks, I completed the PDF exercises and the x10 lab reports as well for the extra 5 points if needed. I studied a lot of Windows and Linux Priv esc techniques. I also did 2–3 Hack the Box machines to see if my enumeration methodology was up to scratch.

Exam Day

My Exam started at 12pm on Wednesday. A day before this, I woke up at 7am doing Hack the box machines until about 3pm. A couple of friends said that I should slow down and take a break and be ready for tomorrow as I will need the energy for the exam. I did just that and it helped tremendously.

Overview of Machines

I compromised the Buffer Overflow machine in 40 minutes which gave me a lot of time to work on the other machines. After this was done, I managed to complete all my scans in the background so that there is always something running.

I hacked another 2 machines which was a total of 65 points including the Buffer Overflow one (25 Points). I had enough to pass already within 10 hours in the exam, given that my PDF and Lab report were impeccable with no mistakes. Knowing that it wasn’t (lol), I wanted to keep on going to make sure the exam was mine!

During this time, I had some dinner and went for a walk to cool off. It helped a lot! After another 2 hours, I hacked the 10 point machine and earned an unprivileged shell on the 25 point machine at 12am. Altogether, my score was 85 points, more than enough to pass. Out of 5 machines that they give you, I completely compromised 4 machines with Administrator access and attained an unprivileged shell on the last machine


Some techniques I used to compromise these machines are as follows:


Overall, I enjoyed the OSCP experience and quiet frankly, I’m going to miss it. Due to this certification, I have obtained the skills and foundations to jump into any Pen Test and hit the ground running. I’m so happy that I managed to pass on my first attempt. Not only that, but I completed all the Lab machines + obtaining the 85 points for my exam!! I can also safely say that I have over 350+ hours of experience hacking Windows/Linux servers. Those who know me, know how much effort and time I put into this and how much it means to me. Not only from a career perspective, but a personal level too. I’m so proud that I can finally call myself a Qualified OSCP Penetration Tester!!!!