OSINT Missing Person 2019 CTF - Tracelabs Hackerthon

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Today I attended the OSINT Missing Person CTF, hosted by Tracelabs and the Australian Federal Police. We were a team of 3 people and 2 people have never touched OSINT before so we knew coming into this CTF was quiet a challenge.  If you have been reading my blog, my passion and expertise comes from offensive security. The thing is, OSINT and paricularly this CTF is all passive reconnaissance. In essence, this should be perfect for me, however I did find it challenging.

Prior to today, we did try and meet up as a team and test a few trial runs before the big day. I was nervous coming into this because I didn't know what to expect. We had 6 hours to find as much information as possible on 12 missing people. I couldn't help but feel good about what I'm doing. Using our powers for the greater good! All 3 of us were laser focused, we didnt even have lunch and managed to sit through it 6 hours straight. In the Australian Cyber Community, there were teams that had team jackets and jumpers which were intimidating, and they all know each other and seen each other at other events before; we just stood out like a sore thumb. One of the guys has a record for finding the most amount of CVEs in Australia, when I saw him - I thought no chance lol!

There were 96 teams in Australia, and I believe 20 or so in Melbourne competing. At the end of the day, we found out that our time and efforts gave the Australian Federal Police 100 leads every 10 mins, which means all together; we provided them with 2000 Leads!

I'm proud to say that we ended up Ranking #3 in Melbourne. Overall in Australia, we ranked #18 out of 96 teams that were playing! Not bad for first timers!!! I'm proud of our hard work and efforts and cant wait to participate in the next one.