New Layout - Thoughts?

My OSWP went well last week on Friday. Managed to infiltrate all networks, write the report and submit on time. Right now its a waiting game, OffSec states that I have to wait 10 business days until they publish the results. So I’m just sitting here during isolation finding things... [Read More]

OSWP - 2 more days until exam..

Hi all! Been preparing to the best of my ability.. With all the things that are happening recently, I'm getting there.. I'm putting in a lot of hours as I don't have anything else to do at the moment. I think a solid 8 hours a day for the past... [Read More]

OSWP - Exam Booked

Sup yo The whole isolation has turned me into a mad man. I've been putting in the hours, 5 hours a day after work and over the weekend I recently did 20 hours. The course is short, hopefully my wireless attack methodology is strong and solid enough to pass. I... [Read More]

OSWP - Course Purchased

Hello All, First blog post of the year and its March!! What a rollarcoaster so far. From the Australian Bush fires, to the outbreak of the Cronona Virus, everyone is in lock down mode! Reading back on some of my posts I've promised a lot of things throughout this year.... [Read More]