OSCP - Preparation

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Just a little update on whats happening here. Managed to hack 7 machines on hackthebox since I’ve been a member for 23 days.

I’ve been spending a lot hours trying to get as much done as possible. Further to this I have been getting prepared for the OSCP labs which is starting on Sunday.

The picture above will be a rough estimate of my schedule. I hope to spend 4 hours a day Monday to Friday and 20 hours on the weekend. 5 machines a week is the minimum I want to be hacking, so there will be a lot of work to be done, but I’m super determined. I also need to expect that life will get in the way, and be Ok that I will take a day off or so.

I’ve been using Cherry Tree for Note taking. Been reading a lot of blogs where students have been using different types of note taking application for their notes, thought this will serve as my go to “One stop shop” for quick information as well as my research on the internet. I have tried my best to make it as organized as possible that way on Sunday, I will be ready to go. The course comes with PDF’s and Videos and I will definitely continue to update these notes with the new course material.

This screenshot is an idea of what my workflow is and the methodology I will be following. I will be going from the top down and documenting as much as possible, taking screenshots and providing proof for each machine (50).

In theory, I will have 50 (Because there will be 50 Machines) of the blue apples spread across all Labs (PUBLIC/IT/ADMIN) by the end of the course. I exported the Blue apples as a Template. If I require more, I can just import them along with its sub nodes. This way, I can stay organised with my notes.

Thats all for me. I’m determined! I will be missing in action for a while. I know this will be probably the most difficult task I’ve face academically, but I’m going to slay this shit! It will be extremely difficult! But I got this!