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Thought I would update on my progress with Hackthebox. Recently I have been pretty lost with my certifications. I will definitely get back into the swing of things very soon. However I have been on working pretty hard on Hackthebox. I'm very happy to say that my status has changed to Pro Hacker!!

It doesnt mean much, but basically, there are different levels of ranks you can achieve while hacking. The more boxes you pop, the further up you get in the system.

There are 7 ranks depending on completion of active machines and challenges:
Noob >= 0%
Script Kiddie > 5%
Hacker > 20%
Pro Hacker > 45%
Elite Hacker > 70%
Guru > 90%
Omniscient = 100%

So Im half way there. I hope to get to Elite Hacker by the end of this year which should be easy if I put some time into this. Anyway, I think its the little wins in life we should celebrate, so yay to me!