Red Team Professional - Week 2

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I'm 2nd week in and I've finished all the content as well as all the Learning Objectives. I'm understanding Powershell more and more now however I really do miss splitting panes and opening up terminal in different tabs. I've covered a whole lot and I find it really interesting because this course basically tells me all the vulnerabilities there are with WIndows Systems.  Now that the course work has been completed, I have 2 and a half months of Lab access to do what I want.

I'm thinking to split my time in the lab environment and work on different topics and get really good at it and understand the ins and outs. For example, the next 2 weeks - I'll concentrate on Domain Persistance, which covers: Kerberos Golden/Silver Tickets, DSRM / SSP, Persistance using ACLs (AdminSDHolder) and Security Descriptors.

Two weeks after that, is Domain Priv Esc, which covers: Kerberoast AS-REPS/Set-SPNs, Unconstraint/Constraint Delegation and DNS Admins.

Then I'll go over Forest attacks, Forest persistence, Defence and Detection; which all have their little sub categories. So far, I'm enjoying the content. Its more of a Virtual Classroom, where I see the teacher and mimic what he does in the video, in the Labs. I'm hoping the next couple of weeks where I drill these techniques down, it will help me have a more solid understanding on how Windows Systems work. I know its a short update, but I think my stategy in tackling this in the next 2 and a half months is solid. Hopefully at the end of it all, I'll be able to call myself a Certified Red Team Professional!

Until then, Power to da Shell!